What is V3 TV?


V3 TV is a digital extension of V3 Magazine. We are expanding our brand to build V3 into the ever expanding digital world. This concept will help your business reach even more potential clients than ever before.


With the help of digital advertising, it is possible to keep brand images established firmly in the consciousness of your target audience and build strong mental associations.


Digital signage is used to draw in consumers with special offers, animation, entertainment and news.


Our V3 TV's act as an expanding network of digital media throughout the city to create a new experience unlike any you have seen before.

Impressions and reach:


Each screen plays your 20 second commercial / advertisement every 12 minutes.




• A V3 TV that is running for 15 hours will play your ad 5 times per hour, 75 times per day and 2,500 times per month.

• Utilize 10 V3 TV screens and your ad will run over 25,000 times per month.

• If our hosts average 200 people per day, you have the potential to reach 6,000 people per month per screen.

• Utilize all V3 TV screens and your potential impressions are 60,000 people per month.


Current Host Locations:


• The Foundry - Coming soon

• La Scala / 400 Block Bar

• Velocity Gym

• Rome Liquor and Tobacco

• Old Havana Cigar Bar

• Jamwich

• Schroeder's New Deli (Broad Street)

• Lieberman Family Chiropractic

• Rome Athletic Club

• Northwest Georgia Womens Clinic



- More locations coming! -